Hello, I am Igor

I am a Poznan University of Technology master student and here it is possible to find my study-works and ideas. I like sustainable way of living, sustainable way of improvement, as well as sustainable way of programming. What does it mean?

That means software should be extensible, open source and free as in freedom. Only these steps can stop humanity from degradating our environment due to rising hills of thrash. For example I would like to use one of these old cameras, for my automatic gardeners and greenhouse application as their cheap eyes, but the problem is: I am not able to connect with their software to control them.

Right now hapily working at Apator PoWoGaz on numerical FEM mechanical analysis.

I am keen on searching new eco stuff, and improve old ones.

For now I want to make:
  • Autonomous AI-controled wooden garden helpers
  • Free and open-source greenhouse website based (for now) on Supla
  • Finish MatAn package - Python package for material analysis, and exporting these to FEM data
  • In love with Emacs, do not force me to work in the browser please

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